What is a sand spike? All you need to know

Holding two sand spikes thinking, What is a sand spike?

Whether you’re a casual fisher or a seasoned professional, holding a surf rod for hours gets old fast.

That’s why a sand spike offers targeted support.

Made from metal or plastic pipe, this useful tool helps secure your rod so you can fish worry-free.

In surf fishing terms, a sand spike refers to a length of aluminum or PVC pipe used to hold a surf fishing rod in place during use. A sand spike has a hollow body that is open at the top and a pointed end that makes it easy to insert into sand.

Check out our quick guide below to the various types of sand spikes, their construction uses, and their benefits to find the best fit for you. 

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What is a Sand Spike?

A sand spike is a vertical surf rod holder. It is a hollow holder that secures and holds a surf rod upright while staying buried in the sand.

They offer stability and support for different lengths of surf rods and surf depths.

A sand spike is typically made from a length of aluminum or PVC pipe.

A surf spike is hollow in the center, which enables you to insert a fishing rod, and an angled opening at the base that you can push into the sand.

Many Bass Pro shops carry basic PVC sand spikes.

More advanced sand spike models are crafted from a solid piece of durable anodized aluminum and feature a triangular point that allows users to drive it more deeply into the ground for optimal stability.

These advanced aluminum sand spike models don’t require any hammering or pushing into the sand by hand. Instead, they come with a foot push ledge for easy insertion.

Some of these sand spike models also come with a bait box or a rod holder tube.

A sand spike can range from short options such as 3 feet for shallow surf up to at least 5 feet designed for deeper surf fishing.

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Purpose and Benefits

A sand spike has several important benefits for surf fishers.

If you’re an angler who is interested in fishing in deeper surf, you can benefit from investing in a durable aluminum sand spike rod holder that keeps your rod where it needs to be.

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It holds a rod in place while your bait and tackle are out doing their job in the water.

Sand spikes are specifically designed for beach use because they are made from sturdy, salt-exposure-resistant PVC or aluminum materials. 

While anodized aluminum sand spikes cost more than basic PVC sand spikes, they are often worth the extra cost due to added durability and additional tackle box and rode holder tube features.  

Sand spikes are built to last, reduce strain on the arms and back, and enable you to operate more than one rod at the same time.

Final Thoughts 

If you want to relax while you fish or keep multiple rod lines in simultaneous play, a sand spike is a great piece of outdoor gear. 

Just choose the proper kind and length of sand spike to suit your needs and upgrade your surf fishing experience. 

What is a sand spike FAQ

What angle is a fishing rod holder?

You want your fishing rod holder to stand perpendicular to the beach or surface you have placed it into. This provides most stability whilst also not unnecessarily bending the tip of the rod if the rod holder is angled too far backwards away from the water.

What is the diameter of a rod holder?

A general rule of thumb for a rod holder diameter is about 1.5 inches diameter for the inner tube. But you should always check the thickness of your rod butt before investing in a ord holder, or attempting to make one.