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Hi, I’m Jonny

I love the great outdoors. Fishing and kayaking have to be up there as two of my favourite past times.
I’ve been fishing for most of my life – probably 20+ years now in many different countries:

UK, Ireland, Spain, Turkey, Cyprus, Greece, France, Australia.

And tried my hand at many different types of fishing:

Pier fishing, surf and beach fishing, spinning for pike, fly fishing for trout, trolling, jigging, rock fishing, spear fishing, bait fishing for carp… the list could go on!

My experience as angler
I wouldn’t call myself an “expert” or “professional” angler with experience and knowledge surpassing many others, but perhaps a seasoned hobbyist with experience spanning lots of countries, locations, species and types of fishing.

The author Jonny surf fishing on a beach
Jonny surf fishing at a local beach

I love kayaking because it’s also water-based! I’ve lived by or near the ocean for most of my life now and have a deep respect for the beauty, peace and exciting environments it offers to explore, especially in a silent, peaceful kayak.

I hope to share my knowledge of these activities but also a respect for the places we source fun, escape and entertainment from – we need to protect them after all!
Happy fishing, happy paddling.

The author Jonny fishing from a jetty
Fishing in the sun one of those great joys… especially when you catch something!

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