Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders: Top Sand Spike Rod Holders for 2023

TIDES FISHING COMPANY Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder
Our Top Pick

Can’t go wrong with a simple, sturdy design like this.

Ah, the humble sand spike rod holder.

Such a simple piece of kit, yet without one so much pain and annoyance can be caused.

When I started on my first surf fishing trip, I didn’t think I needed them – ha! Boy was I wrong!

I left the beach that day with sand and saltwater in my reels, a sore arm and back, and feeling defeated.

But you’re smarter than me, which is why you’re here. I’ve since learned my lesson!

Over the years of angling from the beach and sticking all kinds of sand spikes into the shoreline hundreds of times over, I’ve gotten to know which sand spikes are worth a look and which are not.

That’s why I thought it valuable to share my experience with different sand spikes and my take on the best surf fishing rod holders available today.

2 of the Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders
The author’s beach sand spikes for holding surf rods – the best type!

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Top factors I consider for my sand spike surf fishing rod holders

I want my sand spikes to meet a number of criteria, which is how I’ve chosen the options that feature on this page.

  • Durable (tough material, corrosion resistant if necessary)
  • Stable (Little to no flex in the construction)
  • Lightweight (Without sacrificing the above two factors)
  • Glides into and out of the sand easily
  • Easy to clean / rinse
  • Simple construction (not too many moving pieces)
  • Ideally one-piece or two and simple assembly.
  • Ideally tube-shaped to hold the entire handle in

This has been learned from many frustrating experiences with cheap, weak and short rod holders that only half do a job.

Below this section is another section on rod holders I believe you should avoid, before we go through strong contenders for your hard-earned cash.

The tapered end on the Best Surf Fishing Rod Holders
The tapered ends on these surf rod holders slide right into the sand.

Surf fishing rod holders to avoid

I often see most reviews on the internet give vague information about a few products that seem to be all put in a positive light – where is the criticism and reality of using the product, or similar products?!

I hope to give you more than that. In that vein, here are rod holder types to avoid.

  • Those that are too short – this puts your reel near the splash, dunk and / or sand zone.
  • Those made with thick wire metal frames that have gaps in the shape – I find your rod slips out and flies around everywhere on these ones. See the image below! Much better for bank fishing.
  • Those that have an attachment or fastening for the rod – it’s not needed! I just want to pull the rod straight out of the holder to strike!
  • Those with too shallow of a rod handle seat or hole – if a big fish hits your bait, you want to know the rod will stay in there until you get to it.
  • Telescopic – avoid at all costs. The telescopic system often fails. Either sand gets in the system a mucks up the sliding, or it’s unable to hold the weight of a big surf rod and just collapses.
This type of sand spike rod holder is not so great for surf fishing

8 Best Surf Fishing Sand Spike Rod Holders

Right, well hopefully that’s put a line in the sand… pardon the pun!

In all seriousness though, even the above information should help you make a near-expert choice about which surf fishing sand spike rod holder... whatever you want to call ’em… is best for you.

That said, I have identified 7 of what I believe to be the best surf fishing rod holders and sand spikes holders out there currently.

1. TIDES FISHING COMPANY Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder


This surf rod holder comes from a brand with a nice story behind it. They also make great rod holders for the beach!

It’s a small family and veteran-run company, and they clearly know how to design products that meet the needs of surf anglers needing to store their rods at the beach.

The Sand Flea Surf Fishing Rod Holder by TIDES FISHING COMPANY looks great, I love the little logo they have on there,

The rod holders feel like they’re durable and sturdy spikes for surf fishing while also being fairly slim and lightweight.

They come in a few different sizes – but I would go for the taller spikes if I were you. Just for added protection for your reels from the surf and sand.

It’s cool they come in both black and white – not sure which I’d go because I currently have some white ones that need replacing… maybe a mix of both!


  • Impact and UV resistant PVC material
  • Rubber coated flared top to protect and secure fishing pole
  • Available in 2 colors and 3 heights for versatility


  • May not hold up well under extreme surf conditions
  • Possible packaging issues in some cases
  • Potential durability concerns

Rod holder specs

  • Made from impact and UV resistant PVC
  • Can withstand the elements and remain functional for a long time.
  • High gloss finish adds to the aesthetics and ensures the holder doesn’t appear worn out after prolonged exposure to the sun.
  • The rubber coated flared top is appreciated, giving added protection and security to the rod blanks and eyes, and the reel.
  • Useful reel cutout gives layer of safety while we enjoy the surf.
  • Two colors to choose from: black vs white.
  • Three height options: 2, 3, and 4 ft.

I put this top of the list 1) because I like to support small businesses like this one. And 2) it’s a neat little rod holder for the surf. Stable, robust, good value and cool-looking too – you couldn’t ask for more!

2. AugHog Products LLC Fish-N-Spike Surf Shore and Beach Fishing Rod Holder


This is brilliant too, just brilliant for surf fishing.

One piece of sturdy plastic is all you need. Super easy to transport, super easy to use, and super easy to clean.

I’ve had many sand spikes like this over the years and they are my go-to.

I believe The Fish-n-Spike Surf and Shore Fishing Rod Holder by AugHog Products is a high-quality, durable choice for those looking for a rod holder that lasts.

No fancy gizmos, just stick in the sand and away fishing you go.

It’s stiff and inflexible which is what you need when you’re facing strong swell, currents or a fighting fish.

The lip on one end creates a nice simple seat for your reel to rest on, and the the sharp tapered edge I know will just glide into the sand. That’s what they’re designed to do.


  • Heavy Duty PVC material for durability – seems to be much thicker than standard PVC when you hold it.
  • Subtle lip end and sharp tapered ends perfect features for a simple spike like this
  • Available in six different colors! What would you choose?


  • Optional bait and tackle table not included
  • Some may find it expensive for a one piece plastic tubing (but I think the simplicity of the design is worth the cash).
  • Watch out for the width of the tube – if you have rods with really think EVA handles and butts then it may be a struggle to fit. I’d check on that before you buy this option.

Rod holder specs

  • Solid build quality and convenient features.
  • Made in the USA with impact-resistant PVC material
  • This rod holder can withstand years of use and exposure to sunlight.
  • Patented handle design ensures easy placement and removal in sandy beaches, making it ideal for surf fishing.
  • Available in six different colors (white, red, blue, orange, yellow, and pink).
  • 36-inch length is great

Overall, the AugHog Products LLC Fish-N-Spike Surf Shore and Beach Fishing Rod Holder is a great, simple option for someone on a budget.

You don’t need much more than this to get started, and as I said I’ve had, and still own sand spike rod holders like this to this day.

The quality and durability of this rod holder’s thick PVC material make it a great investment for those who just want to get started.

3. Sea Striker Sand Spikes with Aluminum Stake


I really like this option because of the sheer simplicity. It’s a piece of sturdy plastic bolted to a piece of stiff metal.

It’s spikes like these that you want to put your money on.


  • Easy to use and slides into sand effortlessly
  • Durable PVC and aluminum construction
  • Available in two convenient sizes (28″ and 42″) – I’d go with the longer one, in case you fish in very soft sand or closer to the water. Height is always good in that situation.


  • May require reinforcement around rivets – I see over time, these will undergo a lot of strain so my worry there is that they may need replacing if they loosen or crack the plastic.
  • Nut may need tightening and thread lock
  • For some larger rods I think the plastic tube holder may be on the short side. Perhaps a better choice for surf rods in the 7-9ft range.

Rod holder Specs

  • Constructed from high-quality PVC plastic and aluminum
  • Durable and corrosion-resistant
  • Ideal for both freshwater and saltwater applications.
  • two size options, 28 inches and 42 inches
  • Angled, pointed metal spike for ease of insertion (can’t believe I just wrote that!)

If possible, I’d suggest being mindful of where you push down on the spike to get it in the sand.

It might be worth reinforcing the tube and aluminum rivets with duct tape to ensure added strength and longevity.

And I reckon, before using, it’d be a good idea to check and tighten the nut and add thread lock for better stability.

Overall, I think the Sea Striker Sand Spikes with Aluminum Stake is a solid choice for any salty-eared surf angler like me. But I’d use it for rods on the shorter end, not your 12-14ft whoppers!

4. LEE FISHER SPORTS Adjustable Sand Spike Rod Holder


Now, I know I said NO TELESCOPIC, but this is slightly different.

By telescopic, think like the fishing rods, where the resistance is created by the pressure of the tubes against one another.

The LEE FISHER SPORTS Adjustable Sand Spike Rod Holder is different, it is adjustable, but not telescopic.

And I think it would make a reliable option for fellow beach fishing enthusiasts of mine.

The reason? Well, just look at it.

It’s a solid, chunky piece or two of plastic. With sturdy adjustable settings.

They’re wide, meaning they’ll hold most rods. And you can get a good height on them too, to avoid the wash of the waves and sand.

I quite like the colour, too. Makes a change from boring white!


  • Durable heavy-duty plastic material
  • Adjustable height from 24″ to 44″
  • Stainless steel screw secures the rod holder


  • Made of plastic, not metal (but not sure this really is a downside tbh)
  • Similar to the Sea Striker spike, you may want to be cautious about where you apply pressure to get into the sand, to avoid breakage.
  • Ok, ok. I do have slight concerns about sand messing with the adjustability, but this isn’t mentioned in anyone’s personal experience using these surf rod holders.

Rod holder Specs

  • Heavy-duty plastic material
  • Sturdy and resilient against the ocean elements.
  • Adjustable height
  • Stainless steel screw ensures the rod holder stays securely in place while being able to withstand the pull of a strong catch.

I love simple, one or two-piece plastic beach rod holders like this. And this one has a little twist of colour and adjustability to it.

5. The Beast Sand Spike Rod Holder


What a cool name for a sand spike!

This surf rod holder is very similar to the Sea Striker Sand spike beach rod holder in that it comes with a metal tapered shaft for ease of shoving it into the sand.

One design feature I really like is the knee platform to get extra force when pushing it into the sand.

This knee platform solves the design problem that the Sea Striker had, of needing to put pressure onto the actual plastic tube, and therefore the rivets, when pushing into the sand.

The only possible drawback I can see is if you have sore knees! Putting pressure in them at that angle might not be so comfortable.


  • Made of 100% aluminum with stainless steel hardware
  • Adjustable height from 47.5″ to 57″
  • Features a plastic reel protector
  • Has a knee platform to assist with puncturing the sand.


  • The plastic tube looks quite thin, so be warned if you have chunky rod butts on your surf rods – this rod holder may not be the right fit!
  • Some users report misaligned holes for bottom bolts
  • Reel protector could be more durable

Surf Rod Specs

  • Both sturdy and functional.
  • 100% aluminum with stainless steel hardware
  • Resists corrosion and provides rigidity
  • Adjustable height (47.5 – 57 inches) allows for a customized fit and angles.

After scouring the experiences of other users of the The Beast Sand Spike, it seems there can be issues where the holes for the bottom bolts on their units were misaligned, requiring some adjustments.

Also, the plastic reel protector could be more durable, as this is a crucial component in protecting the reel from sand and saltwater.

That said, this is again a straightforward sand spike solution that does what it says on the tin and is a great choice for holding your rod on the beach.

6. Sea Striker SP1 Surf Pal Sand Spike w/Bait Box Cutting Board


Now we’re getting technical haha.

I thought I’d put this Sea Striker Sand Spike with bait box and cutting board becasue there are anglers out there that would find this feature very useful.

For example, if you have one rod that you’re bomb-casting out to the back nd leaving, and holding your other rod and walking up and down the beach, then this rod holder gives you the option to have a little bait store next to the rod.

One issue I see, that happens a lot around me is… darn birds.

They are alwys looking for a free meal and I worry that if you’re complacent with leaving your bait on top of what basically looks like a well-plated bird table to them, then you’re gonna end up with no bait!

Personally I’ve never had a need for this as I usually have a central bait box/board that’s covered and services the two surf rods.

But, I can see why some might find this usefl, and its a great little simple design.


  • Available in different colors and sizes to suit your needs
  • Constructed tough and ready for any saltwater action
  • Comes with built-in bait box and cutting board to make re-baiting your rod easy.


  • Some users may find the spike too short
  • The actual plastic rod holder is pretty short – perhaps not the best option for very long surf rods
  • Bait cutting area is pretty small – I can’t see a whole mullet or large squid that you’re filleting fitting on there.

Rod Holder Specs

  • 36 inches
  • Added bait box and cutting board
  • A handy option for holding smaller surf fishing rods
  • Sturdy construction.
  • Comes in a variety of colors and sizes too.
  • No technical skill needed to construct or dismantle which I find is always a plus.

As mentioned, a key drawback I’ve noticed is that the spike feels a bit too short, especially for taller users.

If I have to go deep in the sand, then I know I’ll be concerned about the reel’s exposure to saltwater spray and sand splashes.

One other observation is that it doesn’t seem as sturdy as the other options out there.

7. MUSVOH Aluminum Alloy Surf Fishing Rod Holder


Ok, ok. This option might appear to be contravening some of my decision factors I outlined earlier.

However, there are some nice features on this rod holder for surf fishing that I do like.

Firstly, love the little step for your foot to help with getting the spike in the sand.

Sometimes when you’ve got sandy, wet hands, gripping a smooth plastic surface and forcing it into the sand can be challenging. This step immediately gets rid of that issue.

Also, if you click on the link and have a look at the specs, it actually tells you the diameter of the plastic rod holder itself.

This can be difficult to find on other rod holders for surf fishing, so I like that they’s been transparent about that. It means you can be confident matching the rod holder size to your rod butt before purchasing it.

It comes in a 3ft size which is a decent height, too. And if you need it shorter it has robust wing nuts that you can adjust the length with.

The holder opening lip is made of rubber too – most of mine are hard plastic and I do wonder the damage I might be doing by accidentally slamming the rod/reel down into the holder by accident.

The rubber lip protects and cushions your reel foot which is always good.

On the down sides…

Firstly the adjustability may be prone to getting sand-stuck, with grains of sand in the mechanism making it difficult to change the height after a few uses.

Secondly, there is a L-shaped notch cut out of the top of the rod holder to secure you’re reel foot in.

I don;t like this because 1) I want to get the rod out ASAP when a fish strikes, and 2) if I misjudge it and think that the reel foot is free from the noth, but it isn’t, I could do some pretty nasty damage to the reel or rod holder by trying to snatch it out when striking.


  • Made of sturdy and rust-resistant aluminum alloy
  • Useful foot-step for pushing in the sand.
  • Detachable and portable design with adjustable length


  • Not a huge fan of the L-shaped notch – doesn’t seem necessary.
  • Some users may prefer PVC rod holder
  • The adjustability may be impacted by sand and saltwater wear and tear over time, causing frustration and wasted time on the beach!

Rod Holder Specs

  • Sturdiness is one of its main selling points thanks to the high-quality aluminum alloy material used in its construction.
  • Won’t rust or deteriorate over time
  • The foot push and sharper head make it easier to insert the sand spike into the deep sand.
  • L-shaped rubber opening to hold the rod (but I don’t think this is necessary)
  • Detachable design allowing two sections to be easily connected or separated with a spring buckle.
  • Length of spike can be adjusted.

So, while it carries some features that I like (foot-step, rubber lip, height), it’s last on my list due to some key usability challenges around the adjustability, and the funny little L-shaped notch in the rod holder.

Buying Guide

Many Sand Spike Rod holders owned by the author
The many sand spike rod holders owned by the author 🙂

Hopefully I’ve given you the info you need to make the right decision about a surf rod holder for the beach.

That said, I’ve put a bit more detail around buying considerations if you’re still stuck.

Rod Holder Material

Most options are made of either aluminum, stainless steel, or PVC.

Aluminum and stainless steel are strong and durable choices, whereas PVC stands out for its lightweight and affordability.

Consider your budget and durability requirements when selecting the ideal material.

Rod Holder Design

There are different styles available, such as spike, tube, and platform holders. And I believe in keeping it as simple as possible.

Spike holders are easy to install by simply pushing the spike into the sand for a secure hold.

Tube holders are versatile, allowing for multiple rod angles.

Platform holders provide a stable and convenient way to keep all your fishing gear in one place but may be bulkier and less portable.


I’m not siold on the need for adjustabiltiy – but you may feel you need it.

An adjustable rod holder will enable you to modify the angle and height to suit your specific surf fishing needs.

This flexibility can make a significant difference in your successes and overall fishing experience.

That said, just be wary of issues caused by exposure of the adjustment mechanism to saltwater and sand – trying to adjust a sandy or rusty rod holder when on the beach wastes precious fishing time.

Portability and installation

If you plan on moving between different fishing spots, you’ll want a rod holder that’s easy to set up, break down, and transport.

Lightweight options with minimal assembly requirements are ideal for such cases.

Additional features

Some rod holders come with built-in bait stations, tool racks, or beverage holders for added convenience.

I don’t think these are a deal breaker, more a nice to have.

Well, that’s it. I hope my experiences and thoughts shared with you here help you make a decision about which rod holder to go for.

Personally I think you can’t go wrong with options 1-3.

Happy fishing!

We are reader-funded and objective. To keep afloat, sometimes we earn a small commission when you click a link. is also a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to products on Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc, or its affiliates.

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