Best 4000 size spinning reel – Top Value Picks

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Check out our article rating the Daiwa BG as the best surf spinning reel out there!

Daiwa BG

Author photo of the Daiwa BG Reel

Best Surf Reel Overall

  • Crazy value for money
  • Features you find in top-end reel models
  • Incredibly versatile, reliable and durable

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If you’ve landed on this page then well done.

Because I think the 4000-size reel is a great size to have in your arsenal of fishing reels.

This is the size I typically own because I think it borders both saltwater and freshwater applications fairly well.

But I often have trouble choosing the best 4000-sized spinning reel.

This is why I put together this quick and easy guide and selection for you after researching, purchasing, and testing a number of reels.

Let’s have a look at the top spinning reels in the 4000 size…

The best 4000-size spinning reel overall – Daiwa BG

Some may say that it’s difficult to select an ‘overall’ candidate for the best 4000-sized spinning reel, but I honestly think the Daiwa BG makes it.

Now, a 4000-sized BG may be overkill on the finer finesse fishing, but great for so many other applications, like targeting larger fish in lakes and rivers, rock fishing, angling from a boat or surf fishing.

Why is it great?

Well it’s one of the most popular reels on the market because Daiwa has borrowed so much great reel tech from the BG’s more advanced and expensive models.

The reel itself is so smooth and lasts this way for a long time.

The other immediately noticeable thing about the Daiwa BG is its solidity in the hand and when reeling. It’s so rigid and there is little to no give in the handle or reel mechanics when you brake.

Take a look at what we rated as the best saltwater reels out there today.

The Daiwa BG spinning reel in 4000 size

Daiwa BG 4000-sized reel specs

  • Best for: Surf anglers looking to upgrade from entry-level gear, and those who want a reliable workhorse reel for the beach.
  • Sizes: 10 sizes. 1500 – 5000, 6500, 8000.
  • Drag: 17.6lbs max drag on a 4000 size
  • Line capacity: 280yds/30lb braid OR 200yds/40lb on the 4000 size
  • Weight: 14.3 oz on the 4000 size
  • Bearings: 7
  • Gear ratio: 5.6:1
  • Handle side: Interchangeable right and left

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Daiwa BG Rating Score

4.9 stars

  • Performance: 4.9 stars
  • Durability: 5 stars
  • Value for Money: 5 stars
Author photo of the Daiwa BG Reel

Daiwa BG 4000 size spinning reel – top 3 noteworthy features

Daiwa BG’s top-end ball bearings

The Daiwa BG contains Minebea ball bearings within the reel. These are extremely high-quality ball bearing systems!

This is one of the standout features of the Daiwa BG that contributes to its smoothness and stability and which surprised many anglers when the new BG was released.

To put this into perspective – THE most expensive spinning reels on the market today use these bearings.

If you buy a $1000 Shimano Stella, you’ll find them. Same as in the Saltiga!

Daiwa BG’s Digigear depth and durability

The gear in the Daiwa BG has gnarly, tough and deep teeth that mesh perfectly together.

This reliability and precision is achieved using Daiwa’s Digigear technology – digitally cut straight from the cold forged metal. Rather than cast or molded, which have significant durability issues over time.

The gears in the BG are built to last. And built to continue delivering a stable, controlled fishing experience, even under stress.

The best 4000-sized spinning reel, a Daiwa BG

Daiwa BG’s Super light and sensitive Air Rotor tech

Lightness and strength – that’s what Daiwa wanted to bring to the new line of BGs.

Part of this comes from the Air Rotor which hugs the body of the reel.

The design of this rotor provides surprising sensitivity for a reel of this price range.

Daiwa says that this Air Rotor design provides more balance to the reel with a combination of stability and sensitivity, through the way the arches of the rotor have been designed.

Drawbacks of 4000-sized Daiwa BG spinning reel

The main drawback of the Daiwa BG is that it’s not completely waterproof-sealed. The drag is sealed and overall it has 9 seals throughout the reel which is pretty good. But not totally waterproof so don’t dunk it.

All in all, it’s a solid reel but the one thing that feels very skinny is the bail wire – it’s so slim and feels a tad flimsy at times.

The best 4000-size spinning reel for saltwater – Tsunami SaltX

I’ve chosen this reel because of the immense durability and saltwater protection you get in the 4000-sized Tsunami SaltX spinning reel, at a pretty acceptable price.

Especially when you compare it to a Van Staal VR series reel.

A Tsunami SaltX spinning reel in 4000 size

Tsunami SaltX 4000-sized spinning reel specs

  • Best for: Tough surf conditions, a popular game fishing reel with tonnes of drag. Better for bait fishing than lure fishing. It’s a little heavier than rivals such as the Shimano Stradic FL in the same size.
  • Sizes: 4000 or 6000
  • Drag: 50lbs (!) on the 4000 size
  • Line capacity: 330yds/ 20lb braid on the 4000
  • Weight: 14.6oz on the 4000 size
  • Bearings: 8 stainless steel sealed bearings
  • Gear ratio and retrieval: 5.1:1, 37in
  • Handle side: Interchangeable right and left

Read the individual review: Tsunami Saltx Spinning Reel Review

Tsunami Saltx Rating Score

4.8 stars

  • Performance: 4.8 stars
  • Durability: 4.8 stars
  • Value for Money: 4.7 stars

Tsunami SaltX 4000-sized spinning reel – top 3 noteworthy features

Maximal waterproof sealing

This reel is named ‘SaltX’ for a reason. The manufacturer has built-in comprehensive waterproof sealing to protect the reel from exposure in saltwater applications.

The SaltX is supposedly able to be completely submerged and cranked underwater without letting water in.

Now, you can’t do this with something like a Penn Battle, or Daiwa BG. They would allow saltwater in, damaging the reel.

The reel is mainly constructed of stainless steel and in some places, titanium coating too – to maximize its corrosion resistance.

4000-sized Tsunami SaltX spinning reel

Masses of max drag power – 50lbs!

Now, this is a HUGE amount of drag – more than most anglers would ever need on a reel.

But this allows the SaltX to be used to fight bigger game fish that turn hard, weigh tonnes, or use the surf conditions to put up a good fight.

Think large snook, bull reds, tuna, tarpon, and the like. All have been successfully landed on a SaltX, and comfortably, too.

The 50lbs max drag comes from Tsunami’s ‘Hammer’ drag system.

Which I think is just about one of the coolest names for a drag system and sums this reel’s drag up pretty well!

With the powerful drag system combined with hundreds of yards of braid capacity, you never need to be concerned about a fish spooling you on the run.

Great smoothness and control

Within the reel there are seven stainless steel ball bearings to contribute to a glossy smooth cranking experience with the SaltX.

If rinsed after use in saltwater, this feeling should be retained for a decent lifetime of the reel, thanks to the construction materials and the waterproof sealing.

The roller bearing is titanium coated, so you avoid that weird bubbling that can roughen and ruin cheaper reels.

I’ve had many reels that start to get sticky and ‘grindy’ after a few good uses and exposure to salt and sand on the beach. It’s unlikely this will happen with the SaltX as it’s built for durability.

Drawbacks of 4000-sized Tsunami SaltX spinning reel

While the 4000 size is the smaller of the two sizes, this reel still comes in quite heavy compared to other similar reels.

For example, there is a 5oz difference between the SaltX and the similarly sized Shimano Stradic (14oz vs 9.9oz respectively!).

This is from the full metal body, sealing and durable additions to the SaltX.

The other slight drawback with the SaltX is the retrieval rate is considerably slower, especially when compared to the Daiwa BG which draws in about 10inches line more on each crank.

The best 4000 size spinning budget alternative – Daiwa Sweepfire

I’ve thrown this in because we might not all be able to afford the $$$s that the other two reels cost.

That said, if you can stretch, I would to the Daiwa BG in the 4000 size – it’s such a spectacular reel.

But if you can’t, then I would opt for a cheaper Daiwa model, specifically the Sweepfire.

I bought a 4000 size reel to use for beach casting and you’ll see from the photo that I’ve bashed it around over the past 3 years. However, I’ve had no issues with it at all since recently.

It’s been dunked in the ocean, blasted by sand, dropped in the stuff, not washed or rinsed every time, and its been an absolute workhorse.

Only a couple of months ago did the anti-reverse break (which is apparently fixable). I’m inclined to buy one or two new ones, to be honest, to use as reels for when friends come fishing with me.

A Daiwa Sweepfire spinning reel in 4000 size

Daiwa Sweepfire 4000-sized spinning reel specs

  • Best for: A cheap inshore surf reel you don’t mind others using, or want something effective to turn to for bait fishing.
  • Sizes: 1000 – 5000 and the 500s in between.
  • Drag: 13.2lbs max drag on the 4000 size
  • Line capacity: 280yds/30lb braid on the 4000 size.
  • Weight: 13.4oz on the 4000 size.
  • Bearings: 2 ball bearings
  • Gear ratio and retrieval: 5.3:1 in the 4000 model
  • Handle side: Interchangeable left and right.

Read the individual review: Daiwa Sweepfire Spinning Reel Review

Daiwa Sweepfire Rating Score

4.5 stars

  • Performance: 4.2 stars
  • Durability: 4.5 stars
  • Value for Money: to 5 stars
Author's photo of Daiwa Sweepfire

Daiwa Sweepfire 4000-sized spinning reel – top 3 noteworthy features

Decent spool capacity

Being able to fit 280yds of 30lb braid on this reel is a surprising amount of capacity for this reel.

That’s why it was a great little go-to for medium-range surf fishing for me for a while. I could reach certain spots easily that might have required decent casting to reach.

The aluminum ABS spool is nicely designed to hold line and assist with casting.

Surprisingly powerful drag system that’s relatively durable

I’ve never tested the accuracy of the max drag myself but on the 4500 and 5000 sizes you’ve got a whopping 17.6lbs of max drag on them.

That’s a significant amount for a reel that only costs a few bucks. It may not be the most efficient and effective drag system but it’s helped me land plenty of fish on the beach.

Which can be tough conditions on a reel.

I’ve really tested the drag system over the past few years. And it’s had its fair share of saltwater splashes and sand thrown at it.

And I’ve not been that consistent with rinsing it off either.

Despite this treatment, the drag has remained fairly responsive, albeit not like its original condition, but still usable.

A 4000 size Daiwa Sweepfire spinning Reel

Robust Daiwa Digigears

This is why I really prefer Daiwa’s budget reels compared to Shimano. Because they seem to borrow so much tech from their top-end reels to give the lower-end reels a little bit of sparkle in performance, at a very cheap price.

Daiwa decided to use its Digigear technology in the Sweepfire too (which can be found in the Saltist, even!)

These gears are digitally milled from forged metal to create solid, deep gears that are nice and stable when reeling in.

Drawbacks of 4000-sized Daiwa Sweepfire spinning reel

Now, this really is a budget reel, so there aren’t many frills with this reel.

The main complaint is that the anti-reverse often breaks. It broke on me, but granted it took 2-3 years to actually give up on me which I rate as pretty good to be fair to the reel!

The drag adjustment wheel is tiny on this reel. It’s easy to slip off it when adjusting the drag, which can make the difference between a landed fish and a break-off.

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Picking the best 4000 size spinning reel – FAQs

What is a size 4000 reel good for?

A 4000-size spinning reel can be used for a range of applications across fresh and saltwater fishing. The 4000 size is versatile because it can be used for catching saltwater species like snook, redfish, bluefish and more, but also be used to catch larger freshwater species that you might need more power for.

What size fish can a 4000 reel handle?

A 4000-size spinning reel can handle considerably large fish. With some reels, like the SaltX holding 50lbs of drag pressure, you can be confident to target big game fish weighing tens of pounds comfortably.

Is a 4000 reel too big for bass?

A 4000-sized spinning reel is not too big for some types of bass fishing. When targeting larger striped bass from the beach, a 4000 size spinning reel would be a good option because you have extra strength and stopping power in the drag system. A 4000-size reel also holds a significant length of line on it to avoid being spooled.

Is a 4000 reel good for inshore fishing?

A 4000 size reel is good for targeting larger inshore species, like redfish. If you know there are larger bull redfish in the inshore area you are targeting then it may be worth selecting a 4000-size spinning reel to give you more control while avoiding overkill.

How much line can a 4000 reel hold?

A 4000-size spinning reel can hold hundreds of yards of either braid, monofilament or fluorocarbon line. For example, the Daiwa BG 4000 holds 280yds of 30lb braid, which the Daiwa Sweepfire does too. The Tsunami SaltX can hold 330yds of 20lb braid on the 4000 size too.

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