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What does ‘NAN miles’ mean? ‘Driven NAN Miles’ Explained!

If you’ve been scouring the internet for a new vehicle of some sort, whether a car, boat or even a snowmobile, you might have come across the term ‘driven NAN miles’ leaving you sitting there confused.

What does ‘NAN miles’ mean? What does it mean to have ‘driven NAN miles’? 

This article uncovers the meaning of ‘driven NAN miles’, where you might see NAN miles appear, and why NAN is even given as a piece of information.

NAN miles means ‘not a number’ and might be used due to a variety of reasons: there was an error in the computing system calculating and reporting mileage accurately, the user didn’t enter a value for mileage correctly, or mileage can’t be attributed to the type of vehicle being advertised, like a boat, that’s not measured in miles.

What does NAN miles mean? ‘Not a number’

The typical meaning of the term ‘NAN’ is ‘not a number’. The term NAN or ‘not a number’ is trying to explain to the user reading this information that it’s not possible to display a specific value that is greater than 0. 

NAN originates from the world of computing, where there was a need to express this situation in a value that was not a number because a number was impossible to display.

Driven NAN miles: why it appears? 

‘NAN miles’, or ‘Driven NAN miles’ might appear on a vehicle advert for a number of reasons. Let’s have a look at why NAN miles or Driven NAN miles might appear.

NAN miles are shown due to computing error

If the system being used t show mileage incorrectly processes or calculates mileage then NAN will be expressed to show that there has been an error in interpreting and displaying the correct figure.

NAN miles are shown due to an input error by the user

Driven NAN miles might show up if the user who is trying to input the mileage values into a form has done so incorrectly. For example by accidentally typing in a character that shouldn’t be there or is not a number itself. 

Or they may have accidentally left out information for the mileage, and all the system can do is show ‘NAN miles’ in the advert that is displayed for the vehicle. 

NAN miles are shown because the value is in the wrong format

NAN miles might appear too because the values that the user is including in a form for mileage might do so in the wrong format. 

For example, if a user types out the numbers in text form, rather than actual numerical values (numbers), then this format may not be accepted by the system and is impossible to calculator numerically, so instead ‘Driven NAN miles’ might be shown.

NAN miles are shown because the number is outside of the computing system’s capabilities

Sometimes, NAN miles might appear because the values that have been requested to be displayed by the system are beyond the limits of what it can achieve. 

THis might be the case if the number is too low, is a minus value, or is too large for the system to display properly. 

This will result in ‘NAN miles’ or ‘Driven NAN’ miles appearing in the advert for the vehicle.

NAN miles: where you might find this written

The most common places you might find NAN miles or Driven NAN miles displayed is in adverts for vehicles, where the information for the vehicle’s mileage should appear. 

If the mileage data has not been entered by the user correctly, or processed by the system creating the advert correctly then it’s likely NAN will show up in the mileage field of the advert. 

What does NAN miles mean on Facebook?

Seeing ‘Driven NAN miles’ on Facebook Marketplace adverts is a common thing. But what does ‘nan miles’ on facebook even mean?

When you see NAN miles on Facebook it means that the number for mileage has not been entered at all, or correctly, in the Marketplace listing for that vehicle. So all that Facebook is able to display for the mileage in that advert is ‘NAN miles’, meaning the system wasn’t able to fetch and display the accurate information.

‘Driven NAN Miles’ might be shown for boats

‘NAN miles’ often appears in boat adverts because the distance boats travel in their lifetime isn’t typically measured and recorded as mileage. More often boats might be measured in terms of hours on the water etc.

So when a boat seller is creating an advert for a boat and needs to fill in the mileage section, they might put N/A or leave the field blank. 

This then shows as ‘NAN miles’ in the advert.