Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod Review – My Perspective in Brief

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It’s always a win when you find an absolute gem of a surf rod for not that much money.

That’s what you have here in this review, the Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod.

For a mere pittance, you get a spectacular surf rod that excels where you want it to – in sensitivity, casting power, and action.

Keep reading to find out why the Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod made it onto our list as the best surf rod for the money.

Or, just buy it now – I’d put money on it that you won’t regret it.

Who should invest in the Okuma Rockaway Surf rod?

Despite its affordability, the Okuma Rockaway Surf rod has surged in popularity among surf anglers.

It’s been held up by many for its exceptional casting abilities without the hefty price tag associated with other models like the Century series, which can cost significantly more. 

In my view, this rod embodies the quintessential traits of a sought-after surf fishing tool: 

  • it’s light, 
  • responsive to strikes, 
  • robust in casting, 
  • and adept in fighting fish. 

Plus, its affordability makes it an accessible investment that won’t deplete your savings.

The Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod is an excellent investment for surf anglers seeking a versatile, budget-friendly option. 

I think this is a good option for novices or slightly more seasoned anglers.

The rod’s lightweight design, powerful casting capabilities, and durability make it a solid choice for those looking to enhance their surf fishing experience without breaking the bank.

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Specs

  • Lengths available: 8-12ft
  • Pieces: 2-pieces
  • Power range: Medium-light to Medium-Heavy
  • Action range: Moderate to moderate-fast
  • Guides: Stainless steel SeaGuides, zirconium inserts
  • Reel seat: Aluminum (I believe)
  • Blank material: 24-tonne low resin carbon

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Okuma Rockaway Rating Score

4.83 stars

  • Performance: 4.8 stars
  • Durability: 4.7 stars
  • Value for Money: 5 stars

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Pros

Sensitivity and Castability: Crafted from 24-tonne low resin carbon, the rod offers surprising sensitivity for the price range, enabling even the slightest fish strikes to be detected. The lightweight design ensures easy and precise casting, perfectly suited for surf fishing.

UFR2 Tip Technology: The dynamic reinforcement provided by the UFR2 tip technology guarantees the rod’s enduring strength, making it an ideal choice for handling aggressive species like striper and surf perch.

Corrosion-Resistant Seaguides: Enhanced by stainless steel Seaguides with zirconium inserts, this rod boasts resistance against saltwater corrosion and increased durability, allowing it to thrive under extensive use. The double-footed guides accommodate both braid and mono lines.

Versatility: With compatibility for both braid and mono lines, the Okuma Rockaway HD Surf Rod offers anglers versatility in their setups. Whether casting lures or bait, it broadens the scope for capturing diverse species in the surf, boosting your chances of successful hook-ups.

Balanced Design: The elongated butt section ensures exceptional balance when grappling with larger fish, ensuring control and minimizing fatigue during extended battles. Its two-piece rod design, featuring a tip-over-butt joint, reduces weight and improves portability, aided by the narrower bottom blank section. The tip-over-butt design also contributes to strengthening the rod and giving it a parabolic-like character.

Solid Investment: Competitively priced, the Okuma Rockaway HD Surf Rod is a wise investment, whether as a dependable backup or an upgrade from budget alternatives like the Ugly Stik Bigwater.

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Cons

Durability Concerns: Certain anglers have reported instances of the Rockaway rod breaking during encounters with substantial fish, succumbing to the strain of intense pressure.

Excessive Tip Flexibility: According to some feedback, the Rockaway’s tip displays an overly flexible nature. While advantageous for casting, it’s cautioned that caution should be exercised to avoid overwhelming the rod with excessive weight, which could potentially lead to snapping.

Looking at a bending rod tip wondering about the Okuma Rockaway Surf Rod Review

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Performance

The performance of the Okuma Rockaway HD Surf Rod does pretty well given the price tag and will set you up well for most surf fishing conditions. 

You’ll find its power and action options, ranging from medium-light to medium-heavy, accommodate various angling techniques. 

I like that despite the price Okuma hasn’t completely stinged on the rod’s durability.

You get fortified stainless steel Seaguides with zirconium inserts, to hold back the saltwater corrosion and enhance your rod’s longevity, especially during battles with hard-fighting species.

Casting precision is a standout feature that many anglers have commented on, based on the rod’s lightweight design and effective load-and-release mechanism. 

It’s compatible with both braid and mono lines so can be used with what you prefer to throw. 

And has detectable sensitivity to pick up bites easily – you won’t go missing them like on some other models.

I’m surprised by what you get form the Rockaway surf rod for a relatively small hole in your pocket.

And there are plenty of other anglers out there too that attest to this.

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Construction

The Okuma Rockaway HD Surf Rod is constructed using advanced 24-tonne low resin carbon.

This gives you a perfect blend of lightweight design and durability when using the rod over time.

This carbon composition enhances sensitivity for better strike detection while maintaining the strength needed for powerful casts and battles with hard-fighting species. 

The rod’s stainless steel Seaguides with zirconium inserts further bolster its durability against saltwater corrosion, ensuring a longer lifespan. 

This careful material selection underscores the Rockaway HD’s commitment to delivering a responsive, rugged, and long-lasting surf fishing tool.

Okuma Rockaway Surf rod Summary

I think Okuma has made a great little rod here that delivers on its promises. 

You’ll find it a versatile and budget-friendly option that combines lightweight design, powerful casting, and impressive durability. 

You shouldn’t be too concerned about the odd issue you hear regarding breakages and tip flexibility.

Hopefully this Okuma Rockaway Surf rod review has given you confidence in making your decision!

Tight lines!