Is a 6000-size spinning reel good for surf fishing?

Looking at a fishing reel thinking is a 6000-size spinning reel good for surf fishing?
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If you’re looking to buy a new 6000 reel, or have one lying around that you want to use for a surf fishing trip, you might be wondering whether it’s a good option.

This article covers whether a 6000 reel is good for surf fishing and all you need to know about using it effectively. 

A 6000-size reel is a good choice for surf fishing. It is large enough to carry enough length of strong braid to be able to reach further distances when casting. It can be matched with a 9-11ft surf rod, with a medium to medium-heavy power rating. 

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Can you surf fish with a 6000 size spinning reel?

A 6000 size reel will allow you to cast a good distance, with a larger spool holding more line and potentially of a greater strength too. 

So if you have a good casting technique and you want to try to target larger species out the back of the surf, a 6000 size reel is a good choice.

It may be a little on the large side for some species though, and you might feel like you have too much pulling power when battling smaller fish.

I know a much more experienced angler than myself who often comes back from the beach commenting on the other anglers using “much too heavy gear” for what they are trying to catch. 

Surf fishing in rougher conditions though can sometimes benefit from a larger setup, to provide stability in the wind rod swell. 

Using a reel of this size will mean that you’ll potentially be able to cast further than a 4000 or 5000 size reel but the distance comes down to a few factors:

  1. The reel spool is larger and therefore can carry more line on it. 
  2. The spool itself is wider, which means that more length of line is released from the circumference of the reel because it is a larger circumference. 

How far can you cast with a 6000 reel?

If you have an effective casting distance when using a 6000 reel you should be able to push the 100ft or so. 

This means you have a good range and variety of areas you can target at the beach, whether that’s in gutters or holes closer to the shore or further out to reach on and around sandbanks where fish might be lurking. 

But there are some factors to consider that will help get greater distances casting. 

How to cast further with your fishing reel – four factors

Four key factors to help you cast further immediately come to mind here.

Using braid, lowering the line weight, filling the spool, using lures and weights that are in the middle of the rod’s ratings.

Using braided line

If you’re currently using mono, you might want to consider swapping for braid. Braid comes off the spool much more easily and is also thinner than mono of the same strength. 

Lower your line weight

You can lower the line’s thickness and weight when switching to braid because braid is generally stronger than mono. This means you’ll have a thinner line that will release quicker and cut through the air more efficiently.

Fill the spool

Make sure your reel spool is adequately filled.

If the spool is ‘under-spooled’ then the line will catch on the top rim of the reel creating friction and slowing down your line from releasing off the reel when you cast. This additional friction will reduce your casting distance.

Use Lures or weights in the middle of the rod rating

If you select a tackle that is too light, you won’t have the leverage and energy build-up that’s required to cast far. If it is too heavy, it will overwhelm the rod and bog down the air. Having a balanced terminal tackle will improve casting efficiency.

What fish can you catch with a 6000 reel?

A 6000 reel will comfortably have enough power to catch large whiting, medium to large-sized redfish, bass, snapper, and good-sized snook.

The reel needs to be matched with the right line and rod for the species you’re targeting.

What line should you use for a 6000 reel?

Fishing line test ratings are really there as just a guide not necessarily a prescription. It all depends on what you are using the reel for – what you are planning to target. 

The common advice I’ve seen is for a 6000 reel to have:

Mono – 12-16lb (5-8kg)

Braid – 12-30lb (5-15kg)

What surf rod should you match to a 6000 reel?

In terms of matching a rod to a 4000 reel, I find for surf fishing that anything around the 10-12ft rod length balances nicely with a 4000 reel and meets the needs of the beach casting environment too.

A consideration though is that with a slightly shorter rod, you’re not going to be able to cast as far as a larger reel with a longer rod.

Again, it will come down to effective targeting of areas close to shore that are likely to hold fish. 

In terms of power and action ratings, medium to medium power and moderate to fast action should work well for effective casting distance, providing enough control of the casting accuracy.

And if you are using lures, plus be strong enough to comfortably land the size of fish and species you’ll be going after. 

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Choosing the right tackle to match your surf rod and reel setup

As mentioned, if you want to use a 4000 reel for surf fishing, then it’s wise to follow the ratings on the rod for what line rating will be best for that size of reel. 

This will help determine the right line for the reel but also help you match the reel to the right rod, and ultimately pick the right weight of tackle or lure that is appropriate. 

For example, I have a medium power surf rod with fast action and its line rating is 6-8kg (12-18lb).

It has a lure weight rating of 20-60gms, and typically I aim for the middle or upper third of that range which works very well for this type of rod. 

This rod has a 4000 reel and it works great with tackle that follows these guidelines, catching a variety of fish for me in the past. 

Daiwa BG

Author photo of the Daiwa BG Reel

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Is a 6000-size spinning reel good for surf fishing? Summary.

A 6000 size spinning reel can make a good match for a 10-12ft surf rod and will be comfortable landing a lot of species and sizes that you might find at the beach.