Can you surf cast with a spinning rod?

Are you hoping to head to the beach with your spinning rod to do some surf casting? 

Wondering if your spinning rod will work properly?

And will you catch any fish?

This article aims to help you answer, can you surf cast with a spinning rod?  

It is possible to surf cast with spinning rods of varying lengths dependent on the type of surf casting you are doing. Make sure your spinning rod has corrosion-resistant components and materials. Use an Off-the-Ground or Overhead cast for distance, or a sidearm cast for closer in accurate casting.

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A man casting a rod thinking Can you surf cast with a spinning rod?

Can you surf cast with a spinning rod? 

Spinning rods are a great choice for surf casting and fishing. I use them all the time.

But be sure to choose a saltwater spinning rod, though, because saltwater conditions can corrode a freshwater spinning rod. 

Or thoroughly rinse your freshwater spinning rod after use at the beach.

Opt for a slightly longer spinning rod than you might use for freshwater applications, such as a 9-11ft spinning rod.

Having a long spinning rod helps to keep your line out of the breaking waves by the shoreline. 

If your line is in the breaking waves it’ll be difficult to detect bites and you’ll miss hook-ups. 

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Lighter lures and closer fishing

Typically, spinning rods are best for lighter lures and weights and baits. 

They are great for closer in fishing targeting species that prowl gutters, cuts and troughs – deeper areas of water for bait to snap up. 

You can also be extremely accurate in your casting with the right length and action spinning rod. 

I’d advise you go with a fast action medium-heavy spinning rod as your surf casting rod. 

Heavier weights and baits

If you want to throw heavier weights and baits then you’ll need a longer, heavier surf spinning rod, something like an 11-12ft, heavy power, fast action rod.

How to surf cast with a spinning rod

Here are some steps I take to ensure successful surf casts with a spinning rod. 

Selecting the right spinning rod:

Opt for a longer rod with medium-heavy power to improve your cast with a spinning rod.

Choosing the appropriate reel:

A larger reel with a high line capacity is recommended. Something like a 4000-6000 is great. If you can find long-cast versions of spinning reels, even better. 

Selecting the right line and leader:

Opt for a braided line for improved casting distance. Braid comes off the spinning reel much faster and easier, and cuts through the air better than mono.

Using proper casting mechanics:

Emphasize the importance of a fluid casting motion, try practising the off-the-ground or overhead punch cast for distance.

Timing the release:

Cast when the waves are receding to maximize distance, so you can step out into the ocean as far as is safe to o, and cast from that point. Then walk backward with the spinning reel bail open so you don’t pull the weight back in.

Retrieving the lure:

Utilize a slow and steady retrieve to mimic natural bait movement.

Here are a couple of decent videos on surf casting and spinning rod techniques:

Overcoming challenging conditions when surf casting a spinning rod in 

Surf-casting, or surf fishing, is angling for fish that dwell and hunt down prey in the surf. 

When you are surf-casting you will most likely be casting from the beach, or into the surf from rocks or a jetty. 

At the beach or on the rocks you can face tough conditions as a surf angler.

You’ll be often casting into the wind, and also have the current and swell to contend with too, so casting effectively with power and accuracy is important. 

Some surf casters sometimes even wade out into the ocean to get their casts to go even deeper into the ocean.

Often the fish you target during surf fishing can be very close in to the shoreline, hanging out in gutters and troughs in front of the nearest sandbank. These require shorter casts.

However, sometimes fish might be further out beyond the sandbars and breaking waves and this requires a much longer distance cast to reach them.

Surf-casting is known for its long casting techniques, which help to propel the angler’s bait or lure out far enough to reach large fish. 

Long-distance casting can be achieved with the right spinning rod and the right technique. 

A longer rod used with the right technique will generally allow you to cast out further than a short rod.

Can you surf cast with a spinning reel summary

I’ve shown you that you can cast with a spinning rod. Just take note of the length, its power, and how you will cast it to get the best out of a spinning rod when surfcasting it. 

Make sure to rinse and wash any components of your spinning rod especially if it is not corrosion resistant. 

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