Can a Kayak Fit on a Subaru Crosstrek?[Quick answer]

Can a Kayak Fit on a Subaru Crosstrek

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If you are a Subaru Crosstrek owner, there is a good chance you view it as a very valuable asset. This vehicle is more than a mode of transportation as it becomes part of who you are. This happens when you get the most use out of it as possible. If you are in the car-buying process, it is important to know what other uses you can get out of it. 

If you ever wonder if a kayak can fit on a Subaru Crosstrek, the answer is yes. Crosstrek’s are outfitted with enough roof storage and a high enough weight capacity to transport a kayak. With the right knowledge and a Subaru kayak rack, you can bring your kayak anywhere you can drive. 

Knowing how you can maximize your Crosstrek’s potential is key to getting the most out of the purchase. Here is more important information about the Subaru Crosstrek and how kayaking can become a hobby of yours thanks to its help.

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Crosstrek Roof Capacity

The first aspect to understand is how much weight can be held on the roof without causing any issues. Then, you can make plans and rig up a kayak rack for your Subaru that meets the criteria.

According to Subaru, the roof rail capacity for the Crosstrek is 700 pounds when stationary, but just 176 pounds when the car is moving. This applies to kayaks, bikes, tents for camping, or anything else that would be affixed to the top. This is an important number as you should have a good idea of what you can haul. 

The average kayak will only weigh 35-60 pounds. So, you are well covered when it comes to hauling kayaks. Be sure to keep the weight of a roof rack in mind as this will need to be added to the overall total. 

Doing the math will be on you, as each kayak will have a unique weight and size. Knowing the parameters is the first step in that process. 

Crosstrek Roof Length and Width 

Once you know the weight, you can start to dissect the other factors. When figuring out if your kayak can fit, take a measurement on your kayak. Kayaks can range from being short to quite long, so have a figure in mind for what your Subaru can handle. 

According to Edmunds, the length of a Crosstrek is 175.8 inches and the width is 71 inches. Now, the roof only takes up a portion of that length, but it gives you an idea of what it can handle. The width is also an important factor because it will show you if you can fit two kayaks side by side on the top. 

A majority of kayak racks are made to fit most kayaks regardless of length. Unless you have a long one, you should not have to use a trailer or anything else. 

Rigging Your Kayak to the Crosstrek Roof

Understanding your kayak and vehicle will put you in a great position to get the maximum use out of them both. Now, it is time to put that knowledge into action and rig up your Crosstrek. 

Firstly, it is important to have some sort of Subaru roof rack. Whether it be a stock option, an added roof rack, or a kayak-specific rack, you need something to keep it secure. The most secure option is the Subaru kayak rack. This is because the build is made specifically for your kayak. When you can have that kind of security, you can feel more confident on the roadways. 

No matter the type of rack you have, it is very important to strap the kayak down in the front and back. Thankfully, there are anchor points in the front grill and on the back to provide that security. Without these attachments, driving with the kayak can be tricky. 

Need a kayak roof rack for your Crosstrek?

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Can a Kayak Fit on a Subaru Crosstrek? Closing Thoughts

Rigging your Subaru Crosstrek to fit a kayak is a great way to get the most out of the vehicle.

Using the information above about capacities and how a kayak can be rigged up, you can maximize the potential of your Crosstrek.

Having the right kayak rack that is easy to load and stable for transporting, gives you the freedom to trek off to further locations and explore new wilds.

So, if you have ever asked “can a kayak fit on a Subaru Crosstrek?” the answer is a resounding yes! As long as you have a kayak that can fit the specifications, you can gear up and hit the water. 

Good luck, and happy kayaking!