Are two-piece surf rods any good? Answered!

are 2 piece fishing rods good

If you’re looking for a new surf rod to take to the beach, you might be weighing up whether a two-piece surf rod is any good.

This article goes through the advantages and disadvantages of a two-piece surf rod.

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Two-piece surf rods are a good choice for surf fishing. You can transport longer rods that are needed for surf fishing much more easily. Modern surf rod materials and construction make them very strong, flexible, and sensitive. Many anglers claim they are similar in quality to one-piece rods.

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Pros and cons of two-piece surf rods

Two piece surf rods are used by many anglers, but there is a case for one piece rods being better quality and some anglers stick by them.

Two piece rods are far easier to transport, but one piece rods have better build quality. 

The choice comes down to a few factors, so let’s have a look at the pros and cons of each to help you determine whether two piece surf rods are any good, or if a one piece surf rod would be better for you. 

Are you considering a two-piece rod for your surf rod? Then let’s have a look at the positives and negatives of whether a beach casting rod with two sections for its blank will work for you. 

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Pros of two-piece surf rods


The obvious benefit of a two-piece rod is that they break down into smaller lengths. With surf fishing, this can be an added benefit, because it’s unlikely that you’ll be fishing with anything shorter than 8-9ft as a minimum.

Being able to break the rod into smaller lengths means you can transport the longer beach fishing rods easily, fitting them into the back of your car or truck without hassle. If you’re worried about the security of your gear, then storing your rods inside your vehicle rather than on top might be appealing.

No one wants to lose their hard-earned fishing gear, after all.

Easier to sell

I’ve read on some of the most popular fishing forums that 2-piece rods are easier to sell. Whether this is because they are just easier to ship, being shorter, or whether they are actually more popular because they are easier to transport it’s difficult to know.

Modern fishing rod blank technology has improved

There are complaints about two-piece rods being weaker, less sensitive, and not as great build quality as one-piece rods.

But many think the technology has come a long way since the early days of two-piece fishing rods, with materials and construction methods improving the strength and flexibility of the rods ferrule (joint), and the sensitivity overall of the rod.  

Cons of two-piece surf rods

Sensitivity is less than a one-piece

Some claim that two-piece rods lack the sensitivity of a one-piece surf fishing rod. Often anglers might choose to avoid using a two-piece rod for specific species like bass or other fast fighting fish, and opt for a one-piece for additional sensitivity and control when using lures.

Weakness in the ferrule or joint

Again, there have been reports of two-piece rods snapping at the joint, or around the joint due to uneven distribution of the curve when under pressure from a powerful cast or a heavy fighting fish. 

However, as mentioned above the strength and build of many surf rod materials these days are far improved on older rod models. For me, two-piece rods have landed most of the fish, and the largest I’ve caught, so this hasn’t been a problem for me.

The joint getting stuck

A bit of a bane of having a rod with two sections is that each part can sometimes become stuck to the other because of the ferrule. When surf fishing on beaches with sand, you need to take extra care that you don’t get sand in the joint, because this can make it near impossible to separate them as the sand grips the two rods together. 

It’s generally advised not to put anything on the rod ferrule because they’re designed to slide together and hold… most of the time. 

The top half of the rod coming off on a cast

Thankfully, this has never happened to me, but I have seen it happen to unfortunate others when fishing at the local beach. 

If you don’t ensure the two sections of your rod are properly fitted together, there is a risk that with enough force during the cast you can end up separating them. This also happens if the casting motion is particularly jerky, shooting the rod forward. It’s often a casting ailment found among beginners, unfortunately!

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1 piece vs 2 piece fishing rod – how do one-piece rods compare?

Perhaps a one-piece surf casting rod is for you if you are able to transport it easily? Let’s take a look at the advantages or disadvantages of having a one-piece surf rod.

Pros of one-piece surf rods 

More sensitive

Because of the fact that there is only one whole piece of the rod blank, the construction of the rod and tapering is much more even. 

This results in a curve to the rod that is balanced along the entire rod – there are no sections that act as an interruption to the distribution of energy across the rod.

So as you are sensing bites or fighting a fish, because you don’t have a joint in the middle of the rod absorbing the movement, many claim that you feel much greater sensitivity in the rod itself which improves your fishing experience. 

Some say they are stronger

There is a heated debate on fishing forums among expert anglers that contest whether one-piece rods are stronger than two-piece rods. 

With a joint in the middle of two sections of rod blank, it can be easy to see why some believe that one-piece rods are stronger than two-piece rods. With one piece of material, there is no potential weak point, and any force can be evenly distributed along the rod.

However, fishing has become so popular among hobbyist anglers that many people need to be able to easily transport their rods. Imagine trying to store and transport a 12ft surf fishing rod every time you wanted to go fishing? So its no wonder the technology has come a long way to improve the strength of two piece rods. 

Don’t need to worry about joining or separating the rod sections

With a one-piece surf rod, you don’t need to worry about ruining the joint or your rod getting stuck. You just tackle and bait up and you’re away. 

No risk of getting sand or other dirt trapped in the joint.

Cons of one-piece surf rods 


So the main disadvantage with one-piece rods is that you need enough space to safely store and transport them. 

Surf fishing often requires longer rods – anything from 8ft-14ft – and moving a fragile rod of this length can be a pain. 

You might be ok with an 8ft or 9ft rod in a truck, but anything longer and you’ll need a roof carrier.

Carrying your fishing gear outside your vehicle might not be an option for you if you’re concerned about security.

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Are 2 piece surf rods good? Summary. 

The short answer here is yes, 2 piece surf rods are good. They allow you to get the length of rod you need for beach casting and also feel reassured by the strength and performance of most 2 piece models out there. 

If you’re considering investing in a two-piece, I’m sure you won’t regret the decision. Just follow the tips above to make sure you look after it and use it properly.