A quick Shimano Spheros Combo Review – a formidable fighter

Are you getting serious about saltwater fishing? 

Want to make a quick decision about a rod and reel combo that you won’t regret? 

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This latest Spheros reel is one of Shimano’s best saltwater reels out there for the money, topping others like the Saragosa despite it being more expensive. 

Stop faffing and go buy the Shimano Spheros before Shimano realises and puts the price up! 

It’s super strong, super smooth, incredibly powerful when cranking, and heck is it durable and waterproof. Some of the best out there. 

And as a combo, it’s a steal. 

Who should invest in the Shimano Spheros Combo?

The Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo is a real winner for those seeking an ultra-tough surf fishing setup. 

It’s built to withstand the harshest conditions, especially when battling sizable saltwater fish that put up a fight. And, it’s a trusted choice among game fishing charters for handling giants like tuna, yellowtail, and snapper. 

What sets it apart is the newly introduced Infinity Drive technology, initially found in the high-end Stella SW reel. 

This innovation enhances gear stability, giving you remarkable cranking power without sacrificing smoothness. 

I personally tried these reels on a charter, and they perform buttery-smooth even after tough use. 

The 9ft 8000-sized model is perfect for casting long distances from shore and taking on big surf-dwelling species.

Though the combo is a bit pricier than some alternatives, it delivers substantial value with its durability and power. Keep in mind that size options are somewhat limited, but the 9ft 8000 model covers versatile surf fishing needs. 

If you’re willing to invest, the Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo might not be the most budget-friendly option, but the performance and durability you get are worth every penny.

Looking at a surf fishing beach wondering about a Shimano Spheros Combo review
The Shimano Spheros Combo is great for saltwater surf fishing conditions.

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo Specs

Shimano Spheros reel:

  • Best for: Fighting big fish from the boat or shore that give you a challenge trying to land them
  • Sizes: 8000
  • Drag: 29lbs
  • Line capacity: 215yds of 65lb braid
  • Weight: 23.5g
  • Bearings: 4+1
  • Gear ratio and retrieval: 5.6:1, 42 inches retrieval
  • Handle side: both

Shimano Spheros rod:

  • Lengths available: 9ft
  • Pieces: 2-pieces 
  • Power range: Heavy
  • Guides: Aluminum Oxide guides
  • Blank material: Graphite composite

The Spheros Combo took the fourth spot in our article looking at the top surf combos.

Shimano Spheros Surf Combo Rating Score

4.80 stars

  • Performance: 4.9 stars
  • Durability: 4.85 stars
  • Value for Money: 4.65 stars

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo Pros

Experience Impressive Strength and Smoothness: 

The Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo incorporates the Infinity Drive technology previously found in high-priced reels like the Stella, known to cost a fortune. 

This means you get remarkable power and smoothness, enabling you to effortlessly handle formidable fighters like trevally, hefty snapper, and powerful tuna that put up a determined struggle.

Tackle the Toughest Challenges with Super Durable Gears: 

Featuring a Hagane body and Hagane gear forged through cold processing, this combo boasts the industry’s toughest gear system. 

Unlike cut gears, these are solidly forged as a single piece, significantly enhancing their resilience. 

This sturdiness equips you to battle against the relentless force of large saltwater species, ensuring your gear stands up to the test.

Keep Fishing Strong with Ultimate Durability and Protection: 

The reel’s X-protect and X-shield components form Shimano’s advanced waterproof sealing mechanism, guarding against saltwater damage. 

This safeguard is crucial during surfcasting and saltwater fishing, where exposure to water is inevitable. 

With a notable IPX-8 rating, far higher than the Spinfisher VI, this combo ensures your gear remains intact even in the harshest surf conditions, preventing the frustration of a malfunctioning reel.

I don’t know about you, but I’m often casting from the surf, trying to get every inch I can on my casting distance, or when I’m battling big fish into the shore.

So I want a combo that I know isn’t going to break down at the first sniff of saltwater exposure. 

The Spheros system gives you that reassurance.

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo Cons

Investment Required: 

Compared to the other featured combos, this option comes with a slightly higher price tag. 

However, the value you receive in terms of performance makes it a worthwhile expenditure for both the rod and reel, if you can afford it. 

Size Options Slightly Limited: 

Keep in mind that the selection of fishing sizes is somewhat restricted. 

Among these, the 9ft 8000 model stands out as the most suitable and adaptable choice for effective surf fishing, whereas the smaller sizes are great for the boat.

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo Performance

The Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo delivers a high-performance fishing experience tailored to conquer the challenges of surf angling. 

The integration of Infinity Drive technology, previously exclusive to pricier reels, translates into exceptional power and smoothness. 

This advantage enables you to effortlessly play and reel in hard-fighting fish such as trevally, formidable snapper, and powerful tuna that put up a fierce struggle. 

The combo’s Hagane body and gear, forged as solid pieces through cold processing, infuse it with near-unparalleled durability. 

This translates to robustness in the face of relentless forces, ensuring a confident battle against those hefty surf-and-saltwater-dwelling species.

What I love about the Spheros too is that you get this buttery smooth, powerful experience all while knowing the thing is bomb-proof.

The combo’s protective measures shine through its X-protect and X-shield features, sealing against saltwater intrusion. 

This defense is particularly crucial for surfcasting, where water exposure is often inevitable. 

Though slightly pricier, this investment offers true value. 

As I’ve seen others have noted, this reel is as good if not better than much more expensive models like the Saragosa SW.

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo Construction

The construction of the Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo showcases a masterful blend of strength and engineering precision. 

The reel’s Infinity Drive technology, previously reserved for top-tier reels like the Stella, epitomizes its design prowess. 

This innovation enhances the stability of gears and mechanisms, resulting in a potent yet smooth cranking power that handles the tugging force of trevally, heavyweight snapper, and muscular tuna.

Additionally, the combo’s Hagane body and gear, forged as solid pieces through cold processing, ensure an unparalleled level of toughness. 

By eschewing a conventional cutting process, Shimano delivers a gear system that can take on the toughest battles, offering you the confidence to tackle the giants of the surf.

This construction isn’t just about robustness, but also about ensuring an enduring and reliable fishing system that’s up to the challenges of the surf environment. 

The Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Combo’s construction harmoniously marries strength and shielding, delivering a tool that’s poised to endure the harshest elements while delivering top-notch performance on every cast and retrieve.

Shimano Spheros Surf Spinning Rod and Reel Combo Review Summary

In wrapping up this Shimano Spheros Combo review, it’s clear that this surf fishing powerhouse is designed to excel. 

With features found in high-end reels like the Infinity Drive technology for dynamic strength and smoothness, paired with the robust Hagane body and gear, it’s built to conquer tough battles. 

If you’re getting serious about your saltwater angling and have the budget for a top-notch combo, you MUST get your hands on one of these Spheros combos.